29 June 2010

Yesterday I was 19 :D

Yesterday it was my birthday and I turned 19!
It was a really fun day, but I had to take my mum for a bone scan but we did manage to do a bit of shopping wihich was really fun and we went out for lunch together!
I got 2 charms for my charm bracelet, a panda as when I wsa younger I had (and still have him) a panda called pandy-pops, he was my first toy, the other charm was a pair of ballet slipperss as I used to do ballet!
I also got a nice top and some shorts, a TomTom for my car! YAY no more getting lost!
Ooo my boyfriends mum also made me some earrings which are amazing! And his sister bought me a Twilight bracelet, well technically the new moon charm bracelt with the 'diamond' heart and 'wood' wolf on :)
And my dad got me some solid silver set of teaspoons with coffee beans on the back as I work at Costa! :D
Later that day we went for a chinese buffet near Oxford... Ooo it was yummy and I ate SOOO much!

Don't worry I will be postine some more about my houses but I'm in Oxford at the moment and my houses are all in Kenilworth, but a lot has been done sorta :)

7 June 2010

My 1/6 Scale Dolls

As well as doll hosues I also have a passion for customizing 1/6 scale dolls and just wanted to share with you all my latest edition!
She is an obitsu pixie head and an obitsu normal type body (both white), but at the moment I am currently painting her head and blushing her body! Also I lost the screw somewhere under my computer desk for the neck attatchment and I can't see it anywhere! (Stupid contacts and glasses!)
Anyway here you go...

This was her after he first lot of blushing with pastels...

This is her first faceup as well, but the eyelashes on the left hand side are too large as I'm right handed, and the lips are too blobby...

This is her after her 2nd face-up, I corrected the eyelashes, and they look slightly better, but the lips are still turning out blobby even though I mixed the paint with loads of water... But I will have to give it another go. And I'm wondering whether or not to give her freckles???
She has no name yet as well any ideas? All she has told me so far is that she is a pixie, and she has been quite bossy and stroppy about the builders not finishing her apartment above my cupboard! Cheeky devil!

30 May 2010

New Little Updates...

I hate it when I have been working really hard on my houses, but then looking back since my last blog update I really haven't made that much progress, but here we are anyway...
Enjoy :)

First off here are the stairs that I have made, it started off as just a normal straight set, but it was too short for my house so I added a nice corner bit, to be honest for my first attempt I don't think I did too badly... And I've also been hacking away at one of the floors madly trying to make an opening for the stairs, but the wood had got 5 layers to it, all ranging in different hardnesses and is prooving to be a real pain, but hopefully it will look ok once finished...

The above 2 photo's are of my cottage, I've added a beam running though the cottage and have rethatched the roof, but i've run out of hemp so willl need to buy some more soon and it is only half way through it's trim...

And then this is my new house that I have bought, but this one I have told myself is to stay in the box untill I finish my other dollhouses, but I'm finding it very hard to resist :P

Just wonderng but how do you store your houses? As I'm very quickly running out of table space...

Hmm... There's loads of weird banging noises coming from next door (I hope) and it's quite freaky... ARGH!!

27 May 2010

I Know It Has Been A While

I know that it's been a while since my last post but I have been very busy with work and university. But hopefully over the next week or so I will at least have some photo's of my progress on all of my houses...
I have been very busy with the retreat cottage rethatching it and the staircase and staircase entrance for the scandinavian pine lodge!

ALSO!! I am having a dolls commissioned for me WOO! From Bella Belle Dolls!
They have some amazing dolls, so please check them out and the owner is really nice and ever so helpful.

Unfortunately I have made no more progress on the fantasy clock house or the Lundby main house, but I will do soon hopefully...

And yes I have bought another house, this I think will be my 6th house! ARGH! And I'm only 18, they are sooo addictive houses! I've bought the new Lundby stockholm house! :D Like new, so I can't wait to start adding my own touches here and there...

How do you you store yours? As I have no idea where to put mine at the moment, they're on various desks as we speak collecting dust :(


4 May 2010

I Have Finally Made Some Further Progress On My First Project!

My Lundby of the dump has been sitting around collecting dust, waiting for the perfect light for the bathroom, which I have finally found! So I have just installed it and carpeted part of the lounge, except I managed to get a lead stuck under the carpet, so I had to pick it out and lay anothe piece! So I will have to go out and buy some more soon to finish carpeting the lounge.


And Now...

I'm still not really sure as to what to do with the above room, it's the room that joins the bathroom and the kitchen together and I'm finding it really hard to furnish. I had thought about having it as the dining room but it looked empty and so did the kitchen, then I had bought a table tennis table (which I have now sold) as it was far to big for the room.
So if you have any idea's please let me know! The more the better, and I'm open to wacky one's :)

22 April 2010


Ok I know what your thinking, where do I put them all etc... (I now have 4 here and one at home in Oxford!)
ANyway I bought this house really cheap off ebay! £12, but I had to travel a far way to get it!
But I love it, didn't really realise how large it was as well...
But here it is, my scandinavian cottage. (Lot's of renovation's to be done, like adding staircases, for some reason I can't stand houses without staircases... Weird little pet hate! :P

I have never done a house with an attic before, so this is going to prove some fun! I think I'm going to delve out my HUGE pile of DH magazines and have a flick through them for some inspiration! :)
Can't wait!

Cottage Update, Facade nearly done!

I have been extremeley busy lately and unfortunately haven't had much time to myself on my houses, but I thought I would just take some quick photographs of how my cottage is going.
I have nearly done the outside of the cottage, not much more to do to be honest, except flooring, the windows and possibly some beams and lights inside?
I'm having a bit of a problem though with my thatched roof, I spread the glue on the fur and it has just turned into a bit of a mess to be honest, not sure whether it will look ok once it is painted or whether I should do it again???

I still have to do a lot actually to the facade, and I also have to add grass/path/gate/fencing/creeping plants etc...
So it won't look like this hopefully next time... Hopefully better :)

17 April 2010

Large listing of miniatures on eBAy!

I am having a bit of a clear out and have listed various bits and pieces online! So please take a look!
I live in the UK but will try and post anywhere just give me a quick message on ebay tho before bidding.

Maybe some of this stuff will come in useful for any of you for conversions???


Good Luck

PS I shall be posting up some more blogs later on today or tomorrow hopefully about my new hosue and how I am getting on with my past projects! :D
So keep reading!

1 April 2010

Fantasy Clock Update! And last post for a Week or So...

Ok it hass been far too long since I last updated you all on my fantasy clock, but here we are :)
I have been working really hard this past week on all 3 of my houses, seeing as I have three weeks off for Easter! :)
This is just the desk which I recieved through the post the other day, only half finished, soooo much to do to the whole clock though! So keep watching :)

This will probably be my last post for about a week or so, as I am going away this weekend to spread my Nanny and Grandad's ashes :'(
They passed away last year, both 93. I miss them sooo much!
But my boyfriend and the whole family are going to be there, so it hopefully won't be as sad.


Beams, beams, beams and some goodies through the post :D

Today (and yesturday) I have been cutting the windows and glueing the walls (mountboard) in.

This is my little room that I work in most nights and University! :) Very small and it hasn't been decoarted since I was very very very young (now 18).

And here are my little goodies, which I recieved through the post today! She specially made me the blue one! Gorgeous little jugs! Perfect in my cottage retreat!

But unfortunately the little blue one got slightly crushed in the post, but it still looks good :)
They were made by Sylvia, her blog is:

23 March 2010

WMMS! (West Midlands Miniature Show)

Ok so I know you all probably think I went to a Dollhouse show, well actually I went to a wargaming show! :P
It's my boyfriends hobby, and I tagged along!
I actually picked up some copper pipes for some drainpipes for my cottage.
But I actually have some Teddy bear cowboys, so I picked ujp a fair bit of scenery for it and some wagons! :D

Scary photo of me :P

This was a really cool tree house that somebody was using for a Victorian Sci-Fi game I think. It's sooo awesome, shame I didn'g get any better photo's tho! But I thought wouldn't that be an awesome dolls house :P

And here are some random photo's of my Teddy Bear Cowboy Town, it still has no name my town, so if you have any suggestions relating to teddy bears and the wild west please fire them away at me :)

Just threw my pen into the middle so you can get and idea of scale...
I will at some point post up some better photo's of my bears, hopefully when they are all painted etc.
But as you can see I need to paint all the buildings as I got most of them 2nd hand, uhm I also need to paint the wagons, the cows and then obviously the bears :P

Long time since I posted an update!

It's been quite a while since my last post! I've been very busy with Uni work, my part-time job and WMMS (West Midlands Miniature Show).
Anyway just a small update on my house so far...

The fantasy clock
I recieved a nice little bit of loot through my door this afternoon :)

My Cottage Retreat
I have just 'thatched' my cottage roof with some fur! Some expensive fur if I must say so! Half a metre cost me almost £10! But I must also say that it is incredibly soft and reminds my of my cat's who are with my parents in Oxford :(
It's not quite finished yet, I have yet to glue the fur to make it look like thatching and then I shall need to paint it/dry brush it :)

But also I have managed to extend the height of my walls with mount board and some hardboard, so my next plan once the windows/doors are cut is to finish decorating with mountboard! Looks quite alright to me, but it just need some skirting boards! Oh and some flooring :P
Once that is done I think I'm going to move onto adding some beams! I have bought the wood for it, it's jsut sitting around in my extremely tiny room at the moment!

The lounge is actually a soft green simular to the kitchen in my Lundby house and the EXTREMELY NARROW bedroom is a nice soft cream...

5 March 2010

Chicken Coop and Vegetable Patch Update.

Ok so I just purchased a handmade 16th scale chicken coop off ebay and it arrived a few days ago. It needed some work doing to it and that's what I have been doing lately.

So far I have painted the the hut, the fence, the fence posts, the ground, added grass and sand, fixed some of the posts and distressed the whole thing a bit.
The chicken coop is almost finished, I just have to paint the inside and get some corrugated plastic card for the roofing.
But what colour should I paint the inside?
Or another colour?

Just a small update on my vegetable patch as well, it has been sprayed and partly painted. Don't worry the pumpkin leaves won't be staying brick red nor will the carrot tops! I have yet to paint them...

28 February 2010

Sketch Of How My House Will Hopefully Look When I Have Built It

This is just a VERY rought draft of how I would like my cottage to eventually looks like.
Somehow or anyother I am going to transform this...

Into this...

Slight bit of a challenge, especially as I will have to cut new sizes for the doors/windows.  But also raise some of the internal walls inside so that the roof can sit comfortably on rather than just slip off, which it tends to do a lot...
I was also thinking of putting some beams inside the cottage, but not loads and loads else it would look like it has been infested by them!

27 February 2010

Measurements for 16th scale door and window.

These are just some plans I sketched out for my house. (The Cottage Retreat with Vegetablt patch and chicken coop.)
1 door and a double paned window. (The door opens but the windows don't.)

I uploaded them as I thought that if anybody else is making a 16th scale house and need some plans for a door or window then please take a look at the pictures.

I just hope you can read my scrawl...
And I'm supposed to be an art student :S