22 April 2010


Ok I know what your thinking, where do I put them all etc... (I now have 4 here and one at home in Oxford!)
ANyway I bought this house really cheap off ebay! £12, but I had to travel a far way to get it!
But I love it, didn't really realise how large it was as well...
But here it is, my scandinavian cottage. (Lot's of renovation's to be done, like adding staircases, for some reason I can't stand houses without staircases... Weird little pet hate! :P

I have never done a house with an attic before, so this is going to prove some fun! I think I'm going to delve out my HUGE pile of DH magazines and have a flick through them for some inspiration! :)
Can't wait!

Cottage Update, Facade nearly done!

I have been extremeley busy lately and unfortunately haven't had much time to myself on my houses, but I thought I would just take some quick photographs of how my cottage is going.
I have nearly done the outside of the cottage, not much more to do to be honest, except flooring, the windows and possibly some beams and lights inside?
I'm having a bit of a problem though with my thatched roof, I spread the glue on the fur and it has just turned into a bit of a mess to be honest, not sure whether it will look ok once it is painted or whether I should do it again???

I still have to do a lot actually to the facade, and I also have to add grass/path/gate/fencing/creeping plants etc...
So it won't look like this hopefully next time... Hopefully better :)

17 April 2010

Large listing of miniatures on eBAy!

I am having a bit of a clear out and have listed various bits and pieces online! So please take a look!
I live in the UK but will try and post anywhere just give me a quick message on ebay tho before bidding.

Maybe some of this stuff will come in useful for any of you for conversions???


Good Luck

PS I shall be posting up some more blogs later on today or tomorrow hopefully about my new hosue and how I am getting on with my past projects! :D
So keep reading!

1 April 2010

Fantasy Clock Update! And last post for a Week or So...

Ok it hass been far too long since I last updated you all on my fantasy clock, but here we are :)
I have been working really hard this past week on all 3 of my houses, seeing as I have three weeks off for Easter! :)
This is just the desk which I recieved through the post the other day, only half finished, soooo much to do to the whole clock though! So keep watching :)

This will probably be my last post for about a week or so, as I am going away this weekend to spread my Nanny and Grandad's ashes :'(
They passed away last year, both 93. I miss them sooo much!
But my boyfriend and the whole family are going to be there, so it hopefully won't be as sad.


Beams, beams, beams and some goodies through the post :D

Today (and yesturday) I have been cutting the windows and glueing the walls (mountboard) in.

This is my little room that I work in most nights and University! :) Very small and it hasn't been decoarted since I was very very very young (now 18).

And here are my little goodies, which I recieved through the post today! She specially made me the blue one! Gorgeous little jugs! Perfect in my cottage retreat!

But unfortunately the little blue one got slightly crushed in the post, but it still looks good :)
They were made by Sylvia, her blog is: