23 March 2010

WMMS! (West Midlands Miniature Show)

Ok so I know you all probably think I went to a Dollhouse show, well actually I went to a wargaming show! :P
It's my boyfriends hobby, and I tagged along!
I actually picked up some copper pipes for some drainpipes for my cottage.
But I actually have some Teddy bear cowboys, so I picked ujp a fair bit of scenery for it and some wagons! :D

Scary photo of me :P

This was a really cool tree house that somebody was using for a Victorian Sci-Fi game I think. It's sooo awesome, shame I didn'g get any better photo's tho! But I thought wouldn't that be an awesome dolls house :P

And here are some random photo's of my Teddy Bear Cowboy Town, it still has no name my town, so if you have any suggestions relating to teddy bears and the wild west please fire them away at me :)

Just threw my pen into the middle so you can get and idea of scale...
I will at some point post up some better photo's of my bears, hopefully when they are all painted etc.
But as you can see I need to paint all the buildings as I got most of them 2nd hand, uhm I also need to paint the wagons, the cows and then obviously the bears :P

Long time since I posted an update!

It's been quite a while since my last post! I've been very busy with Uni work, my part-time job and WMMS (West Midlands Miniature Show).
Anyway just a small update on my house so far...

The fantasy clock
I recieved a nice little bit of loot through my door this afternoon :)

My Cottage Retreat
I have just 'thatched' my cottage roof with some fur! Some expensive fur if I must say so! Half a metre cost me almost £10! But I must also say that it is incredibly soft and reminds my of my cat's who are with my parents in Oxford :(
It's not quite finished yet, I have yet to glue the fur to make it look like thatching and then I shall need to paint it/dry brush it :)

But also I have managed to extend the height of my walls with mount board and some hardboard, so my next plan once the windows/doors are cut is to finish decorating with mountboard! Looks quite alright to me, but it just need some skirting boards! Oh and some flooring :P
Once that is done I think I'm going to move onto adding some beams! I have bought the wood for it, it's jsut sitting around in my extremely tiny room at the moment!

The lounge is actually a soft green simular to the kitchen in my Lundby house and the EXTREMELY NARROW bedroom is a nice soft cream...

5 March 2010

Chicken Coop and Vegetable Patch Update.

Ok so I just purchased a handmade 16th scale chicken coop off ebay and it arrived a few days ago. It needed some work doing to it and that's what I have been doing lately.

So far I have painted the the hut, the fence, the fence posts, the ground, added grass and sand, fixed some of the posts and distressed the whole thing a bit.
The chicken coop is almost finished, I just have to paint the inside and get some corrugated plastic card for the roofing.
But what colour should I paint the inside?
Or another colour?

Just a small update on my vegetable patch as well, it has been sprayed and partly painted. Don't worry the pumpkin leaves won't be staying brick red nor will the carrot tops! I have yet to paint them...