29 June 2010

Yesterday I was 19 :D

Yesterday it was my birthday and I turned 19!
It was a really fun day, but I had to take my mum for a bone scan but we did manage to do a bit of shopping wihich was really fun and we went out for lunch together!
I got 2 charms for my charm bracelet, a panda as when I wsa younger I had (and still have him) a panda called pandy-pops, he was my first toy, the other charm was a pair of ballet slipperss as I used to do ballet!
I also got a nice top and some shorts, a TomTom for my car! YAY no more getting lost!
Ooo my boyfriends mum also made me some earrings which are amazing! And his sister bought me a Twilight bracelet, well technically the new moon charm bracelt with the 'diamond' heart and 'wood' wolf on :)
And my dad got me some solid silver set of teaspoons with coffee beans on the back as I work at Costa! :D
Later that day we went for a chinese buffet near Oxford... Ooo it was yummy and I ate SOOO much!

Don't worry I will be postine some more about my houses but I'm in Oxford at the moment and my houses are all in Kenilworth, but a lot has been done sorta :)

7 June 2010

My 1/6 Scale Dolls

As well as doll hosues I also have a passion for customizing 1/6 scale dolls and just wanted to share with you all my latest edition!
She is an obitsu pixie head and an obitsu normal type body (both white), but at the moment I am currently painting her head and blushing her body! Also I lost the screw somewhere under my computer desk for the neck attatchment and I can't see it anywhere! (Stupid contacts and glasses!)
Anyway here you go...

This was her after he first lot of blushing with pastels...

This is her first faceup as well, but the eyelashes on the left hand side are too large as I'm right handed, and the lips are too blobby...

This is her after her 2nd face-up, I corrected the eyelashes, and they look slightly better, but the lips are still turning out blobby even though I mixed the paint with loads of water... But I will have to give it another go. And I'm wondering whether or not to give her freckles???
She has no name yet as well any ideas? All she has told me so far is that she is a pixie, and she has been quite bossy and stroppy about the builders not finishing her apartment above my cupboard! Cheeky devil!