22 April 2010

Cottage Update, Facade nearly done!

I have been extremeley busy lately and unfortunately haven't had much time to myself on my houses, but I thought I would just take some quick photographs of how my cottage is going.
I have nearly done the outside of the cottage, not much more to do to be honest, except flooring, the windows and possibly some beams and lights inside?
I'm having a bit of a problem though with my thatched roof, I spread the glue on the fur and it has just turned into a bit of a mess to be honest, not sure whether it will look ok once it is painted or whether I should do it again???

I still have to do a lot actually to the facade, and I also have to add grass/path/gate/fencing/creeping plants etc...
So it won't look like this hopefully next time... Hopefully better :)

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