29 January 2010

The Bedroom!

Here is the bedroom!
All furnished with the new Lundby furniture! (It also includes some 12th scale items in there which I think fit really nicely). I actually had to blue-tac the cupboard against the wall as I hadn't realised how much the floor bowed!) But it still looks good. If someone asks me, I'll just say that's what you get with older properties!
Adds character!

Not much more to be done really so far...
  • Finish the window
  • Install a table lamp
  • Buy an alarm clock for the bed side table maybe???
  • Add a few accesories here and there to add charm
  • Ooo and maybe make some curtains, not sure what colour though so far...

27 January 2010

More photo's...

The kitchen (the green room, top photo) is going well, I had to rewallpaper it completely, I had originally wanted it to be blue but it just looked odd so instead I've chosen a soft green with cream and green tiles. It has to be my favourite room in the hosue so far...
All that needs doing now is finish off the window, fill in some gaps in the coving and furnish! :)
The hallway (2nd photo) which I think I'm going to turn into a library is almost finished as well, all I have to do now is fill in a few gaps around the coving and furnish!
I've actually put some 12th scale bits and bobs in this house, but I feel they fit in quite nicely and don't look too O.T.T
I had a lot of problems with the bedroom (3rd photo), as I couldn't make up my mind over the colour scheme

  • It was going to have a purple feature wall with reds and purple throughout the room
  • Then it was pink
  • Then it went yellow (the colour it is now but with a bright red wood flooring) the flooring looked too much like red lino! So that was covered up immediately once I found this nice wooden flooring which is craft paper! It's the same flooring as in the bathroom.
     All that needs doing now is the skirting board at the back, the window and furnishing! :)
    Here's my roof (4th photo), it's actually real 12th scale terrocotta tiles, luckily my roof was strong enough to hold them all. Yeah they we're expensive (for me) but I think they look a lot better than paper, sadly the original roofing paper had got damp, slightly torn and extremely faded.
    I can't finish the roofing yet untill I have lit the lounge which I can't do untill it's decorated which I can't do until I buy a light for my bathroom!
    I just have to find the right light now...

    Just some photo's of how it's going...

    Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the original condition of the house. But here it is, I have decorated most of the rooms now...

    The last room is the lounge, still unsure of what colour to do it...
    This is what most of the rooms looked like, all a bit ripped, damp and for some reason old tape on the walls around the windows. Maybe for the curtains? This is the last room to be tackled... Any idea's would be great, I was thinking green like the kitchen (picture in newer post) but what do you think?

    The Bathroom.
    I rewallpapered a neutral cream and laid some nice wood effect flooring, which is actually craft paper!
    I stuck to the original Lundby bathroom, because I love it a lot more than the newer lundby bathroom sets...

    26 January 2010

    Lundby of The Dump

    2-3 Months ago I went to the dump and picked up a Lundby Dollshouse for £3!
    Ok it was in a bit of a bad state, but I have wanted one since I was about 12 (now 18) and I simply fell in love with it;
    • the floors were bent, slightly unstuck
    • the floors and walls were slightly damp
    • 1 interior door missing
    • very dusty/mucky
    • and the windows were all discoloured
    • but it did still have the original label and the structure seemed ok all in all:)

    Anyway, I forgot to get some photo's of it when it was ina bad state, but one of the rooms is still bad... The lounge.

    So far all the other rooms are pretty much finished, jsut some slight adjusmtents to be made to them...

    Ok some of you Lundby enthusiasts might kill me for stirpping it all back and modernising the original wallpaper/flooring but it couldn't be saved! And I think it needed a bit of revamping anyway.

    Photo's coming soon.

    Just missed out on a really nice red dining room table and 4 chairs! It went for too much I thought! It would have looked soooo nice tho!

    So far I think that as this is the first house I have ever touched (decorating etc) with having to go to Uni (Illustration and Animation) and work (Costa) I think I'm doing quite well... Sorta.

    Thing's to do...

    1. Finish putting in skirting boards
    2. Touch up on the coving
    3. Decorate the lounge, I've been dreading this room as it's such an unusual shape
    4. Light the bathroom/lounge/bedroom
    5. Buy new lightbulbs for the hall light as I have allready blwon them bulbs! Oops...
    6. Finish tiliong the roof (with real tiles)
    7. FURNISH HOUSE!!! This will take some time as I don't really have much money, and I don't really want to blow all my student finace on my dollshouse...

    But anyway like I said photo's are coming soon...