29 June 2010

Yesterday I was 19 :D

Yesterday it was my birthday and I turned 19!
It was a really fun day, but I had to take my mum for a bone scan but we did manage to do a bit of shopping wihich was really fun and we went out for lunch together!
I got 2 charms for my charm bracelet, a panda as when I wsa younger I had (and still have him) a panda called pandy-pops, he was my first toy, the other charm was a pair of ballet slipperss as I used to do ballet!
I also got a nice top and some shorts, a TomTom for my car! YAY no more getting lost!
Ooo my boyfriends mum also made me some earrings which are amazing! And his sister bought me a Twilight bracelet, well technically the new moon charm bracelt with the 'diamond' heart and 'wood' wolf on :)
And my dad got me some solid silver set of teaspoons with coffee beans on the back as I work at Costa! :D
Later that day we went for a chinese buffet near Oxford... Ooo it was yummy and I ate SOOO much!

Don't worry I will be postine some more about my houses but I'm in Oxford at the moment and my houses are all in Kenilworth, but a lot has been done sorta :)

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