26 January 2010

Lundby of The Dump

2-3 Months ago I went to the dump and picked up a Lundby Dollshouse for £3!
Ok it was in a bit of a bad state, but I have wanted one since I was about 12 (now 18) and I simply fell in love with it;
  • the floors were bent, slightly unstuck
  • the floors and walls were slightly damp
  • 1 interior door missing
  • very dusty/mucky
  • and the windows were all discoloured
  • but it did still have the original label and the structure seemed ok all in all:)

Anyway, I forgot to get some photo's of it when it was ina bad state, but one of the rooms is still bad... The lounge.

So far all the other rooms are pretty much finished, jsut some slight adjusmtents to be made to them...

Ok some of you Lundby enthusiasts might kill me for stirpping it all back and modernising the original wallpaper/flooring but it couldn't be saved! And I think it needed a bit of revamping anyway.

Photo's coming soon.

Just missed out on a really nice red dining room table and 4 chairs! It went for too much I thought! It would have looked soooo nice tho!

So far I think that as this is the first house I have ever touched (decorating etc) with having to go to Uni (Illustration and Animation) and work (Costa) I think I'm doing quite well... Sorta.

Thing's to do...

  1. Finish putting in skirting boards
  2. Touch up on the coving
  3. Decorate the lounge, I've been dreading this room as it's such an unusual shape
  4. Light the bathroom/lounge/bedroom
  5. Buy new lightbulbs for the hall light as I have allready blwon them bulbs! Oops...
  6. Finish tiliong the roof (with real tiles)
  7. FURNISH HOUSE!!! This will take some time as I don't really have much money, and I don't really want to blow all my student finace on my dollshouse...

But anyway like I said photo's are coming soon...

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