27 January 2010

More photo's...

The kitchen (the green room, top photo) is going well, I had to rewallpaper it completely, I had originally wanted it to be blue but it just looked odd so instead I've chosen a soft green with cream and green tiles. It has to be my favourite room in the hosue so far...
All that needs doing now is finish off the window, fill in some gaps in the coving and furnish! :)
The hallway (2nd photo) which I think I'm going to turn into a library is almost finished as well, all I have to do now is fill in a few gaps around the coving and furnish!
I've actually put some 12th scale bits and bobs in this house, but I feel they fit in quite nicely and don't look too O.T.T
I had a lot of problems with the bedroom (3rd photo), as I couldn't make up my mind over the colour scheme

  • It was going to have a purple feature wall with reds and purple throughout the room
  • Then it was pink
  • Then it went yellow (the colour it is now but with a bright red wood flooring) the flooring looked too much like red lino! So that was covered up immediately once I found this nice wooden flooring which is craft paper! It's the same flooring as in the bathroom.
     All that needs doing now is the skirting board at the back, the window and furnishing! :)
    Here's my roof (4th photo), it's actually real 12th scale terrocotta tiles, luckily my roof was strong enough to hold them all. Yeah they we're expensive (for me) but I think they look a lot better than paper, sadly the original roofing paper had got damp, slightly torn and extremely faded.
    I can't finish the roofing yet untill I have lit the lounge which I can't do untill it's decorated which I can't do until I buy a light for my bathroom!
    I just have to find the right light now...

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