23 March 2010

Long time since I posted an update!

It's been quite a while since my last post! I've been very busy with Uni work, my part-time job and WMMS (West Midlands Miniature Show).
Anyway just a small update on my house so far...

The fantasy clock
I recieved a nice little bit of loot through my door this afternoon :)

My Cottage Retreat
I have just 'thatched' my cottage roof with some fur! Some expensive fur if I must say so! Half a metre cost me almost £10! But I must also say that it is incredibly soft and reminds my of my cat's who are with my parents in Oxford :(
It's not quite finished yet, I have yet to glue the fur to make it look like thatching and then I shall need to paint it/dry brush it :)

But also I have managed to extend the height of my walls with mount board and some hardboard, so my next plan once the windows/doors are cut is to finish decorating with mountboard! Looks quite alright to me, but it just need some skirting boards! Oh and some flooring :P
Once that is done I think I'm going to move onto adding some beams! I have bought the wood for it, it's jsut sitting around in my extremely tiny room at the moment!

The lounge is actually a soft green simular to the kitchen in my Lundby house and the EXTREMELY NARROW bedroom is a nice soft cream...

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