23 March 2010

WMMS! (West Midlands Miniature Show)

Ok so I know you all probably think I went to a Dollhouse show, well actually I went to a wargaming show! :P
It's my boyfriends hobby, and I tagged along!
I actually picked up some copper pipes for some drainpipes for my cottage.
But I actually have some Teddy bear cowboys, so I picked ujp a fair bit of scenery for it and some wagons! :D

Scary photo of me :P

This was a really cool tree house that somebody was using for a Victorian Sci-Fi game I think. It's sooo awesome, shame I didn'g get any better photo's tho! But I thought wouldn't that be an awesome dolls house :P

And here are some random photo's of my Teddy Bear Cowboy Town, it still has no name my town, so if you have any suggestions relating to teddy bears and the wild west please fire them away at me :)

Just threw my pen into the middle so you can get and idea of scale...
I will at some point post up some better photo's of my bears, hopefully when they are all painted etc.
But as you can see I need to paint all the buildings as I got most of them 2nd hand, uhm I also need to paint the wagons, the cows and then obviously the bears :P

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