5 March 2010

Chicken Coop and Vegetable Patch Update.

Ok so I just purchased a handmade 16th scale chicken coop off ebay and it arrived a few days ago. It needed some work doing to it and that's what I have been doing lately.

So far I have painted the the hut, the fence, the fence posts, the ground, added grass and sand, fixed some of the posts and distressed the whole thing a bit.
The chicken coop is almost finished, I just have to paint the inside and get some corrugated plastic card for the roofing.
But what colour should I paint the inside?
Or another colour?

Just a small update on my vegetable patch as well, it has been sprayed and partly painted. Don't worry the pumpkin leaves won't be staying brick red nor will the carrot tops! I have yet to paint them...


  1. That chicken coop is great, what a find :) But mind you keep those chickens out of your garden...

  2. Ha ha ha yeah! Will do, they'll be eating all my crops and plants! I might try and finish some more of it tonight, well as much as I can do without the plastic corrugated card for the roofing.
    Hannah :)

  3. Ooo just had a thought!
    The chicken to me look extremely easy to make and can be used for 16th or 12th scale dolls houses, so I may draw up some plans for it and post it at some point.
    Hannah :)

  4. Tu gallinero tiene una pinta fantastica y el huerto te esta quedando de maravilla, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension