27 May 2010

I Know It Has Been A While

I know that it's been a while since my last post but I have been very busy with work and university. But hopefully over the next week or so I will at least have some photo's of my progress on all of my houses...
I have been very busy with the retreat cottage rethatching it and the staircase and staircase entrance for the scandinavian pine lodge!

ALSO!! I am having a dolls commissioned for me WOO! From Bella Belle Dolls!
They have some amazing dolls, so please check them out and the owner is really nice and ever so helpful.

Unfortunately I have made no more progress on the fantasy clock house or the Lundby main house, but I will do soon hopefully...

And yes I have bought another house, this I think will be my 6th house! ARGH! And I'm only 18, they are sooo addictive houses! I've bought the new Lundby stockholm house! :D Like new, so I can't wait to start adding my own touches here and there...

How do you you store yours? As I have no idea where to put mine at the moment, they're on various desks as we speak collecting dust :(


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