30 May 2010

New Little Updates...

I hate it when I have been working really hard on my houses, but then looking back since my last blog update I really haven't made that much progress, but here we are anyway...
Enjoy :)

First off here are the stairs that I have made, it started off as just a normal straight set, but it was too short for my house so I added a nice corner bit, to be honest for my first attempt I don't think I did too badly... And I've also been hacking away at one of the floors madly trying to make an opening for the stairs, but the wood had got 5 layers to it, all ranging in different hardnesses and is prooving to be a real pain, but hopefully it will look ok once finished...

The above 2 photo's are of my cottage, I've added a beam running though the cottage and have rethatched the roof, but i've run out of hemp so willl need to buy some more soon and it is only half way through it's trim...

And then this is my new house that I have bought, but this one I have told myself is to stay in the box untill I finish my other dollhouses, but I'm finding it very hard to resist :P

Just wonderng but how do you store your houses? As I'm very quickly running out of table space...

Hmm... There's loads of weird banging noises coming from next door (I hope) and it's quite freaky... ARGH!!


  1. I like your new stairs. I want to do something like this in my beach house. Looks very complicated? Your turned out great!
    I would really like to have that Lundby house too!

  2. La escalera te ha quedado genial!!!
    A mi la madera, no se me da bien y comprendo el trabajo que te esta costando.
    Me encanta tu nueva casita, ten paciencia y veras que pronto estas trabajando en ella
    besitos ascension

  3. Your stairs are looking great! As far as the rough cut to install your stairs, remember that's what trim boards are all about. They can hide a myriad of problems! ;o) Keep up the good work!

  4. Ah thanks, I would like to say that the stairs were easy to make but they weren't too bad to make, wait untill you see that back of them they look a mess :P
    But they're going to be covered up to form a cupboard under the stairs I think, which will be fun...
    Also I am having a ghost commisioned for me from BellaBelle dolls and she is going to be haunting this 'little' house!
    And thanks about the lundby house, it's not made as nicely as the old one's were, it's slightly more Barbie-esque, but I've bought some stamps from Malcom's Miniatures, and am going to tiles the area around the pool and brick the sides up to make the hosue look a little more grown-up. But I have to say that I love the fold down shutters! Keeps the dust out whilst still being able to look in perfectly fine!
    Unfortunately in the post 2 of the fence posts got broken and 1 of the door handlles is almost off so I will have to fix them, but it shouldn't be too tricky! :)
    Keep watching my progress, it's been great chatting to you all!
    Hannah x

  5. It's really not easy making a budget doll house kit look good. It takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of sanding. But if you put the time into it you can have a great looking doll house.

    this is my budget wood doll house kit called the Beacon Hill