25 February 2010

Cottage Garden Patch Makeover... Well sculpting makeover.

I have jsut purchased some sylvanian families garden items for my house, which I am sculpting/painting.
This is the original image (sorry I forgot to take one myself.)
I sculpted around the piles of dirt as they stuck up WAY too prominantly, and I also sculpted the bricks on as before they were too small and didn't really stand out too much.

I glued the vegetables in place.

It also came with some pumpkins, but I didn't glue them down. I have pulled the two punkpins off of the stem and they are soaking in some warm/hot water to peel the paint off, because the original paint was FLOURESCENT orange and it had all bubbled/chipped and simply wasn't very nice...

Around the carrots, I sculpted some carrot mounds, Just to make them look like they have actually grown from the ground rather than put into the ground...

Just a side photo.

It is currently in my airing cupboard drying, the milliput only takes about 1-2hours to dry! So tomorrow after university I am going to add some 'earth', or in other words I am going to apply a layer of PVA and then some sand!
After this I shall spray it and then paint! :D
Can't wait! Hopefully it shall look ok, I'll keep you all posted!

It actually looks quite good with my 16th scale house, and it was quite cheap as well! They're always at carboot sales so keep an eye out for any sylvanian stuff for a project...

(My boyfriend is a sculptor and helped me with some of the bricks but I did do at least half of them) :P

It doesn't matter how 'messy' it looks, as long as it it sort of smooth as it is going to be covered in sand and it'll just add to the effect of lumps/bumps of the earth.

 Maybe I could put some cheeky worm's poking there heads out of the earth in :P


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