16 February 2010

I Have Just Purchased Vintage Printed 'Toy Works' Dolls House circa 1972

I have just purchased a new house on eBay, just a last minute thing that I saw by chance and just loved it!
I'm not really sure what to do with it to be honest...
I have a couple of idea's
  1. An artist's hide-away?
  2. Something fantasy again?
  3. Or maybe a holiday cottage away from the main Lundby house?
  4. Possibly adding a small garden on the side with a chicken coop in it possibly? And a small garden patch as well?
I may try a bit more converting with this house, like adding a side door into a possible garden, but I will see when it arrives...
But any idea's would be great if you have any!
The seller said it was closer to 16th scale than 12th scale which is perfect for me! I think I have now been conversted from 12th to 16th, even if it is harder to come across!

These are the only photo's I have of it at the moment as I haven't yet received it, but I can't wait!!!
I'm sure once I have recieved it, the idea's will come flooding in more and I will know what I want to do, but like I said any idea's let me know!

I shall keep you posted on this house and all the other's I have! But I won't be starting this one or my fantasy clock untill I have finished my Lundby dollshouse, which I think is coming along quite nicely for my first house!

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