26 February 2010

Just a small update.

Just an update of the garden patch.
Glued the sand down today so tomorrow I shall spray it and then paint it...
I also sanded the base of a plant pot thingy of mine.

Also I picked some colours for the house today... So I was jsut wondering which one you thought looked best, I personally prefer the one on the left.
Left (sun baked terracotta) It looks a little more yellowy than in real life tho.
Right (soft stone)


  1. Very brave of you to paint over the original exterior of your house. I salute you! I like the color on the left too. Sometimes we just have to go with our own ideas! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks :)
    Yeah usuallly I'm a bit timid with these thing's but this project I really want to have a play with. For instance the doors are smaller than 1:16 so I am going to cut and make some new doors for it as well as windows as the original one's were really horrible and brittle.
    Carry on watching and I'll keep you posted :)