27 February 2010

Measurements for 16th scale door and window.

These are just some plans I sketched out for my house. (The Cottage Retreat with Vegetablt patch and chicken coop.)
1 door and a double paned window. (The door opens but the windows don't.)

I uploaded them as I thought that if anybody else is making a 16th scale house and need some plans for a door or window then please take a look at the pictures.

I just hope you can read my scrawl...
And I'm supposed to be an art student :S


  1. I'm impressed - you are so organised drawing plans :) I'm a little too impetuous - I'd just measure the 'hole in the wall', mark it up on the wood and 'cut and pray' :) (Altho having said that I do a lot of 'planning' in my head, but in there I can see it in 3D and from all sides). Works for me in mini but can you imagine the nightmare it'd create in 1:1 - hmmmm maybe that's why the builder working on our bathroom reno is slowly going crazy LOL

  2. Ha ha ha :P
    I must admit this is the only house I have drawn plans for as of yet...
    As my other 1st dollshouse was a kit I got when I was 8, soabout 10years ago now.
    My second was a vintage Lundby house from a dump.
    The third is simply a clock... Not much planning really needed :P
    And then this one...

    But keep watching and I'll hopefully get cracking on with it at some point, tho I have a million other thing's I shouod be doing for Uni at the moment :S


  3. I'll be watchnig alright! :)

    I just got back home from my first lecture for the 2010 academic year and I should be re-writing my notes not reading blogs (tehe)