5 February 2010

Delivery of Furniture For My House!

Here is my kitchen!
It's pretty much finished, I had to to a bit of hacking to the skirting board for it to actually fit! But you can't see it so that's ok :P
All that really needs doing now is adding a few accessories here and there, and finish the window. I've seen some good designs in a book MAKING DOLLS HOUSES by BRIAN NICKOLLS! It's a really good book, with some really helpful tips! I managed to pick it up recently from Astley Book Farm (HUGE 2nd hand book shop).
I've just won a vintage red dining room set with dresser, and I'm wondering whether or not to put it into the kitchen... Because then I can free up the room to the right of it for a library or study maybe??? I'll just have to see once it arrives through the post...
Good old eBay!

This is the lounge, it's still undecorated but some of the furniture is in! The new Lundby stuff I have to say is pretty good, I'd say it's as good as the older lundby!
Still unsure of what the colour scheme for this room should be, any ideas would be great :)
All I have to do apart from decorate is the window, fit a light and secure the banister, because at the moment it's only being held up by some blue-tac!

Just a closer look at the lounge, the sofa actually folds out to become a sofa bed as well! And the books in the case; me and my boyfriend painted them up!

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