6 February 2010

Potion Jars for my Fantasy Clock

Ok yes I know I said that I wasn't going to start anything on my fantasy clock! But I couldn't resist...

  1. Today I bought some plain and really cheap glass bottles
  2. Waterlcolour wash a strip of paper
  3. Cut the strip to label sized labels
  4. Stick the labels onto the side of the glass, it doesn't matter where really
  5. Paint a border again with watercolours, I use my Windsor & Newton watercolours; they're a really good set!
  6. Next get your boyfriend to come and paint some fake scribbles on, which resemble writing
Tell me what you think!

  1. All that you'll need to do know is fill them with bits and bobs!
I also bought these two decanters, which I'm going to fill with some kind of 'gunk'...
I got my inspiration for this little project from these really interesting blogs...
I love SteamPunk! If any of you live in England you should visit the Science Museum in Oxford (my home town)  as they have a really good SteamPunk exhibit on at the moment!
A good Harry Potter inspired room box!

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  1. I haven't s;een this post before - I love those jars, super labelling :)